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At Waliant, we have one very simple goal ‘perfection’. You can see it in every on oft our beauty implements. Even more importantly you can feel it in your hands the control, the precision and the confidence that comes with having a perfectly made tool at you finger this. Every implements from Waliant is manufactured from the highest quality materials in Solingen. Experienced craftsmen, who take pride in there work, hand finish each implement to perfection. From there, the precise design and rigorous inspection of every Waliant product unfolds. the result? products so well sharpening services to keep them in top condition. Waliant Nippers are maintained without services charge, while Waliant shears are accommodated at a nominal fee.


An industry leader for over ten years, we have earned our reputation for providing tools that allow the beauty professional to work smarter and faster with incredible results. Always the first with the latest products that quickly become industry standard.

In the world of beauty there is no margin for error. With Waliant at your services, there is no possibility of it.



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